Unless I steal the blinds or no one calls a bet on the flop in an unraised pot, I tip every time. I’m sure I’ve missed a few here and there, everyone does. But how much should people tip, considering the rake?

            A chip every hand. At least. At the club, because it’s a social club, players usually tip pretty well. I have tipped as much as 4 in huge pots. Typically, I know what’s in a pot, but when it gets so big or I’m already there, I lose count. So if I look down and know there is 100 or more there, I throw out 4. If it’s me and two other guys and there have been some raises, 3 and 2 on everything else. In general, there’s few pots that are worth tipping a dollar at the club.

            At the casino, it’s usually 2 every time. I don’t usually get caught up in pots where I feel I need to tip less, but sometimes it happens. Because of the attractive dealers there I have fallen victim a time or two to tipping them higher than others. It just depends on my mood. It’s hard not to respond to a smile when you have been sitting with old men and smokers all day trying to win 100 bucks. I have weaknesses.