North/South: Magnetic Chips

I’m sure everyone has a name for what I’m about to discuss, but I call it magnetic chips. When I enter a game I want my chest to be north and the chips to be south. Every one of them should be draw to my chest, to be sitting in front of me until it’s time to go. If I put some of them in the middle, they better come right back. With friends. Sounds Like a good idea, but when everyone wants a northern chest or hands, it’s hard to move a game.

            I have made only one mistake in magnetic chips that I’m aware of. It was a 4-8 game, which is typically very loose, but there wasn’t much money in. I lost 60 and put another 60 in front of me. Got down to 80 and put in another 60. Ended up losing 220, and had more money in that game than I ever have in my life. What I didn’t realize is that there was no new money. One guy was catching everything, was up 500 and everyone else was see-sawing, basically playing with my chips. The table was too tight to ever dig myself out of that hole. Pots were small and I would have to net 10 of them just to have a chance at daylight. I don’t think that buying back in in regards to my talent was a mistake, but if I’m playing to catch people making mistakes, and they are basically tight players, then it just won’t happen. No one was getting paid. Well one guy. But there just wasn’t enough money in the game to make that profitable. The chips were magnetic to too many others. Loose players have to be involved or there is just going to be a competition involving the best cards. And I was running bad, the first day of the skid to be exact, and that makes it hard to net 10 pots.

            The important thing to watch for the employer. Someone is going to pay people, and it might be more than one person, probably should be more than one. Otherwise, it will be a long grind.