Final Thought on Blind Play

Back when antes used to be the norm in home games and there were seven of you, it cost a buck a hand. Sometimes we would play where the dealer antes for everyone so that we didn’t spend all night barking at people and trying to remember who anted. In 4-8, with 2/4 blinds, as long as there are at least 7 players, I’m paying less than a buck for every card I see. Generally at a full table, I’m paying $.60 a hand or less. The blinds are always out there. Once a round they are yours. Once a round they are someone else’s. I think about them like condensed antes. Nothing to defend or get crazy about. Sometimes they present an opportunity to play with a hand I would never think of getting involved with, and I get to make something out of it. But I don’t try to make it happen at any cost just because it has worked once or twice in the past.

            The upper limits may be different, as blind stealing can be profitable with fewer players seeing the slop every round. But at 2-5 and 4-8, this is the way it is.