Contact Me

Count me as one of those people who’s a “super great guy once you get to know him.” Put another way, I’m naturally skeptical and leery around people I don’t know, but if my blog speaks to you and you want to reach out to me, go for it. I added a contact form below to help screen out some of the spam and trolls. But anyway, tell me a little bit about yourself, a story you want to share with the audience, or what it was on my blog that spoke to you.

You might also suggest some poker rooms or local events that you know about and really like playing in. I mean, you don’t know need to tell me about the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour, or your local Meetup group. But if you have any independent-but-legit, under-the-radar, or underrated events, let me know.

While I don’t play poker professionally anymore, I do sometimes still like to sit down and gamble. I don’t live in Vegas, but I’m not far away and visit often. I also travel quite a bit and wouldn’t mind sharing tips with readers in different parts of the country. So don’t hesitate no matter where you’re based.